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Cartoon: Jane working late into the night. She is a damned fool.
Your Busy Employees Are Inefficient Ding-a-lings
Do you admire direct reports who work long hours and take phone calls 24/7? You shouldn't

Evil Innovation in the Airline Industry
While other businesses innovate to improve products, the US airline industry is innovating to worsen products and make customers unhappy.

Cartoon: jerk covers mouth of female colleague
How to Be a Jerk at Work in Nine Steps
Jerks tend to do better in business than do nice people. If you're a jerk, this is great news. If not, you need to read this article.

Cartoon: Ensure Your Business Survives the Zombie Apocalypse
Ensure Your Business Survives the Zombie Apocalypse
Is your business prepared for the zombie apocalypse? If not, drop everything and read this now.

How to Fake Being a Great Leader in Seven Steps
How to Fake Being a Great Leader in Seven Steps
Becoming a leader is hard work. Faking it is easier and faster. This article explains how

Cartoon: MBTI Feels Good But Sucks
MBTI and Horoscopes
MBTI reminds me of the horoscopes I used to write. They were completely made up and convinced people.

Cartoon: Woman at beach interrupted by call from boss.
Corporate Wellness Programmes Are Sick
The latest business fad is all about wellness. Like so many business fads, it is an absurd one. Here's why.



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