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I am cheaper than Hillary Clinton, funnier than Fidel Castro and have more hair than Seth Godin. What more could you want in a keynote speaker or workshop leader?

My workshops and talks are just the thing to liven up an overly businessy annual meeting, amuse your team and prepare your colleagues for the totally unexpected. And try as I might, most workshops and talks result in collateral usefulness, in otherwords, in spite of being unbusinessy, they offer a few businessy benefits.

My talks are particularly useful in the dreaded after-lunch slot. People who are laughing are unlikely to fall asleep in their chairs.

You can also find some of my more serious, creativity and innovation workshops and keynotes here.


Here are a few of my offerings:

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How to Fake Being a Great Leader

Learning to be a leader takes time, effort and determination. Faking it, on the other hand, is easy!

Keynote: I describe the seven steps to faking leadership with entertaining examples and cartoon slides.

Workshop: I not only describe the seven steps, but participants perform exercises and role-plays to practice the seven steps. Recommended 1/2 day.

Collateral Usefulness: Learning how to fake leadership can provide the audience/participants with tricks for appearing confident, decisive and in control.

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Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

How would your business cope in the event of a zombie apocalypse? Would you and your team be ready to fight off hoards of the undead determined to eat your brains? If not, you need this workshop!

Keynote: A lively, entertaining and laugh-out-loud talk about the threat to business of a zombie apocalypse and the actions you should take to survive.

Workshop: An interactive workshop in which teams work out plans for surviving an attack of the undead and go on to consider how the organisation might exploit the situation. Recommended 1/2 - 1 day.

Collateral Usefulness: developing problem solving skills, learning to cope with unexpected situations.

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How to Be a Jerk

Are you and your team too nice to succeed in business? Have you ever noticed how the office jerks seem to thrive, get the promotions and make the sales while nice people have to make do with second place? It does not need to be this way.

Workshop: How to be a Jerk is ideal for an interactive workshop that involves role-play, improvisation and open discussion. Recommended 1/2 day.

Collateral Usefulness: Sadly, knowing how to be a jerk, understanding why jerks often succeed and knowing how to deal with jerks is far more useful than it should be.



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