Cartoon of meeting in which everyone is screaming


Delight in the Dark Side

Have you had enough of business? Are you less than enthusiastic about working long hours out of a sense of corporate obligation and wage-increase necessity rather than any desire whatsoever to spend another fucking hour at your desk? Do you feel victimised by productivity tools that monitor and misinterpret your every move? Does your top management get all whoop-dee-doo about business trends that you know will mean more work with little pay-off to you? Do you dread lay-offs that will leave you either: unemployed or having to do the work of your laid-off colleagues on top of the shitload of work you're doing already?

Are you fed up with business?

Yeah, so are we! Welcome to the club!

Unbusinessy is about recognising the absurdities of business today while still respecting the bloody hard work that you do in order to survive and maybe, just maybe, thrive.

We are not antibusiness. We believe that business has made life a lot better than the old model that involved landowners and peasants. We doubt that the Internet, let alone telecommunications, would have come about without business.

But, we believe that in a race for productivity, keeping costs down, profiting and jumping on every fad like a horny dog, business has lost its way and become an unpleasant necessity that takes up too much of your time and mine.

If you feel about the same, we have but one thing to say to you: Welcome!


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